There has never before in history been a better time to write and publish a book!

Nor is there a richer joy in the work you choose to do than to know you make a significant difference in another's life!  Thank you, Robert Newton, for allowing me to serve you in so many capacities over the years. Here's to all the books we've done and all those you will yet write!

So it is close to Christmas and Thanksgiving just passed! As I am in the throes of moving from Walnut, California to Grover Beach, and the logistics of this are extremely complicated, I should get this composed because beyond all words, I have been blessed by having Anna Weber as my editor and literary coach and  just being "there" when I am out of sorts! Anna has consistently gotten my books published on tight timelines (basically unheard of in the realm of book publishing), polished my writing and improved my writing style and fact checked my books (I know of no other editor that would do this for novels)! I experienced none of these beneficial characteristics at Balboa Publishing, Page Publishing or Litfire Publishing. Thanks a bunch, Anna... and then some... and some then!

Doc Newton
(I encourage you to check out this most prolific author on Author Central/Amazon!)
P.S. Writing a book in a month is vastly easier than moving in a month, ha!

Spirited Woman Top 12 pick listAnd... there is never a better time to be honored and recognized for my efforts at supporting aspiring authors!  To say "Thank you" to The Spirited Woman for believing in what I bring to help transform the world, and to you for stopping by to visit, I am offering a generous opportunity to engage in a complimentary Author Breakthrough Strategy Session... where you can decide if the writer's journey is right for you, or discover what amazing support you can draw on to bring your own message to the world!  Read through what happens here at Successfully Published, and when you get to the end, if you want to at least explore the possibilities, opt-in and move forward with a serious discussion about the world of publishing and how you can strategically plan your own future as a successfully published author.

There has also never been a better time to share your story to inspire others, or to be published alongside celebrity and well‐known authors within your industry, so that you might  achieve expert status. That expert status provides credibility and the opportunity to request higher fees for speaking engagements, workshops and tele-seminars, and the products and/or services you provide.

The publishing industry continues to experience changes - so rapidly so that it is virtually impossible for the average author to engage in quality writing time AND be on the front side of what transpires.  To your aid comes the staff at Successfully Published!  Our passion and assumed responsibility is managing the research and front-line awareness of the industry, and provide you the most salient points... in one place.

What can you hope to find at Successfully Published? Literary Strategies that deal with all phases of writing, publishing and book marketing. You can expect to find either the strategy or resource to ensure you are at the top of the game with:

  • Debunking the myths of the publishing industry.
  • Daring to discover the author within you.
  • Utilizing Breakthrough Strategy Sessions to crash through "blocks"
  • Engaging in VIP Retreats where small groups are led on a 4-day journey through the publishing process, creating a personalized Critical Path that will keep them focused from day one.
  • Personalizing programs that develops a strategy uniquely designed for each author/book project relative to the publishing process. This includes a strong focus on the critical elements necessary to entice publishers, attract agents, and/or make wise decisions about the potential for self-publishing and the myriad formats in which to provide a book.


We can be considered a long-arm publishing resource... products and services range from basic publishing education and services - to being an extensive debut introduction into the oft-times confusing and overwhelming maze known as publishing. In an industry that shifts from day to day, and has undergone significant changes in the past two decades, aspiring authors need a place to turn for the kind of knowledge that comprises the little things that make a huge difference in the quality and speed of success it is possible to experience. Here you will find:

  1. easy access to discovering what you will write, the why that will keep you passionate and engaged in the process, and who your book will best serve;
  2. myriad publishing options and the most current information about all phases of a process which happens not to be linear; and
  3. perpetual marketing options that breathe continued life into your book sales..


You will recognize your need to visit if you are a sassy Entrepreneur or a savvy service professional who intuitively knows you have a key message to share with the world, but you haven't the first clue about how to start the journey, and much less - how to finish it! Here you will find all the assistance necessary to decide what you want to write, for whom you want to write, the underlying message you want to share, and the benefits your readers will receive. There is a certain "mindset" in being a writer; that mindset doesn't often happen naturally - it needs cultivating.

Book Marketing

Perhaps you have your book in hand, but you have been disconcerted, overwhelmed, confused and disappointed in the marketing process. Our book marketing programs could prove to be the best resources possible for you. You can write as many books as you have the time and energy for; however, your being successfully published is not truly represented until you are compensated for your efforts through book sales. Book Marketing is not an easy task; there are many industry resources which are not, for one reason or another, easy to discover... there are methods to promote your book that are effective, while others offer a greater potential of just wasting your time and resources...

Are you ready to step into the writer's arena?

Do you feel the need for at the bare minimum a place to start before you make any major decisions?

Author Breakthrough Strategy Sessions
Designed especially for YOU!

The primary offering for services through Successfully Published all begin with three basic levels – provided to best meet the needs and resources of each author:

The Basic Breakthrough Session is designed for an aspiring writer who knows at least the basics of what they want to accomplish, but knows something is missing from the productive flow they they know they could achieve if they were just provided specific directions.

The VIP Breakthrough Session is for the debut author who want to fast track the writing, publishing or book marketing process by knowing the Critical Path that will accelerate their journey from idea to successfully sold book. At the end of the consultation, this debut author will receive a personalized Critical Path that will keep them actively engaged on a daily basis – always focused and moving toward their ultimate goal – whether that be in the writing, publishing or marketing phase of becoming successfully published.

The debut Author requesting the Master-Plan Author Breakthrough Session will, by all means, get the best of the best!  It is designed for writers who want to spend more of their time on writing and less on doing the additional research, etc. that comes with various activities in the process. Essentially, the Master-Plan Author Breakthrough Session provides the WHAT to do, the HOW to do it, and the INSIDER secrets, resources, and connections with which to accomplish the tasks necessary in the most seamless fashion.

You can experience a Complimentary Author Breakthrough Strategy Session by providing your name and email... and confirming your subscription to Giving You The Edge. If you like what you experience you can come back to this page and select the strategy session which best meets your needs.

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  1. Cathleen Quiroga says:

    Thank you for your message. I want to follow the steps l learned this weekend and put the basics together before we meet! It was great to meet you! I am excited that I have another option! Feel free to keep in touch! Cathleen Quiroga, 602-377-8120.

    • admin says:

      Thanks for the continued connection, Cathleen. I really enjoyed our conversation and DO look forward to the possibilities. I encourage you do follow your plan… wrap your head around all those basics so you might better recognize the pieces you find to be missing – and the gaps to be filled.

      May your day be blessed. ~ Anna


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    Hello! I am a new writer, besides I live far away in Russia. I need assistant marketing my book. Advise to turn to, that would not be shorn like a sheep))

  4. Thanks for all the great information.

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