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Announcement: Book Publishing Done For You

All Inclusive Package Cost: $12,500 Being successfully published goes far beyond writing, publishing and marketing your book; it includes the overall experience you ultimately have. Fortunately, self-publishing no longer has the discomforting “step-child” stigma, and with the right publishing support, when … Continue reading

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Conversations about Book Cover Design

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Did you know that roughly 90% of the purchase decision made by potential readers is driven by the quality of your book cover design? Have you ever wondered just what a book cover designer brings to the table? I recently … Continue reading

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Publishing Insights – Writer’s Digest Conference

Bringing you publishing insights in part of my passion… writers expand when they are in the know and in the company of others passionate about the industry. The Writer’s Digest NYC Conference is ready to roll and New York is ready … Continue reading

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Publishing – as a Decadent or an Independent!

Publishing as a Decadent or an Independent… a revelation that came to me today, and inspired me to shake up your thinking! So… you think you have it tough as a debut author. Competing with millions of others wearing your … Continue reading

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Does Your Writing Have the Earmarks of Rich Content?

Writing sometimes comes as easy as breathing; however, the strategy of self publishing calls for the author to understand, at the deepest level, the message intended and how it will be delivered from the introduction to the final page of … Continue reading

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Education needs impact publishing options…

Have you ever stopped to ponder the increase in tablet prices? If the publishing industry is experiencing a reduction in costs of printing – why the increase in reader prices? Not so long ago we were of the opinion that … Continue reading

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Traditional publishers – do they create better quality books?

Traditional Publishers vs. Savvy Independent Authors Traditional publishers probably, at one point in time supported the belief that traditional publishers create better quality books. However, writers who were looking for creative control and took that first step to self-publishing have begun … Continue reading

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What are my best publishing options?

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Authors everywhere get more than just a little excited when they see a fellow writer take the plunge and find major success in self-publishing. Gone are the days when the only way to make it to the top was with … Continue reading

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What’s Happened to Publishing Agents?

I had a long conversation with a potential client this past week, wanting to secure my services as an agent and publicist.  Although I had to advise that was not within the scope of my work, it did lead me … Continue reading

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eBooks: Publishing Alternatives to Amazon

e-books… are there publishing alternatives to Amazon? Another “Ask Me Anything” response to Lisa in Maine.  Lisa has just started marketing her book and is just not comfortable with all the materials she has had to scour through about Amazon and … Continue reading

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